Buy German Passport Online. We manufacture the latest version of the E-passport, which has significantly enhanced the credibility and fraud resistance of the German passport. However, this has resulted in a somewhat more inconvenient application and renewal process.

At, our team offers high-quality, genuine German passports registered in the national database, as well as fake passports that are indistinguishable from the real ones. Our German passports are universally accepted, granting the holder free movement and residency in any European Union or European Economic Area state when presented alongside a national identity card.

If you require a legitimate source for obtaining a German passport, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our passports have a validity period of ten years and can be renewed thereafter. Additionally, if you are in need of a fake German passport, we can provide you with one as well.

Buy German Passport Online

How much cost a German passport?

Buy German Passport Online
Buy German Passport Online

Germany is highly sought after as a destination for living, and for good reason. As a resident, you have the opportunity to live and work in the European Union, and travel without the need for a visa to 191 countries. While Germany differs from other European Union jurisdictions in that it doesn’t offer permanent residence permits for investment purposes, there are still several ways to become a legal resident. You can do so by marrying a local, going through the naturalization process, or remaining in the country for at least eight years without leaving. Alternatively, you can also purchase a genuine German passport.

Our team is highly skilled in creating various types of German passports, including diplomatic passports, with a keen attention to detail. Our documents are registered in databases, ensuring they withstand any verification process and are highly in-demand for German passports online. Whether you require a renewal or a new passport, Real Document Providers offers comprehensive production services.

How much cost a German passport?

How much cost a German passport?
How fast can you get a German passport?
How do I get a new German passport?
Where can I get a German passport?

Due to the complicated and lengthy process of obtaining permanent residence in Germany, many aspiring expats opt to purchase documents online. However, this has led to an abundance of fraudulent advertisements for German passports available at the click of a button.

At Real Document Providers, we understand your concerns and aim to provide a trustworthy service. Our reputation is built upon the thousands of satisfied migrants we have assisted in navigating the application process from start to finish. You can read their expressions of gratitude in our Testimonials section.

Here are some ways in which we differ from illegitimate providers:

  • We use authorized equipment and comply with the latest German passport design updates.
  • We offer registration services and reduced renewal costs.
  • We provide quick processing times.

To benefit from local life in Germany, all we need from you are some basic inputs. Since German ID cards include the holder’s fingerprints, we will require a high-resolution photo of you. Our specialists will guide you through the secure payment process. Buy German Passport Online

The cost of German passports and other documents varies based on several factors, so please contact us to obtain the most up-to-date pricing information.

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Since our establishment in 2006, we have continuously evolved and improved our services. Our trusted partners in German legislative agencies closely monitor the registration process of your passport, ensuring a seamless experience.

Before delivering your purchased German passport to your doorstep, we subject it to a thorough screening process to ensure it meets all the necessary standards. You can rest assured that no bank employee or police officer will be able to detect any discrepancies or counterfeit elements. Buy German Passport Online

Let us simplify your relocation to Germany by taking care of all the paperwork, expenses, and hassle.